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If you are involved in developing people, you will want to attend the Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Programme.

The programme will dramatically enhance your credentials and credibility in developing EI behaviour in the workplace.

Learn how to develop and apply emotional intelligence in organisations to make a real impact on how people work together.

Interactive train-the-trainer learning experience with hands-on practices and immediate feedback will give you the skills you need to start.

Discuss emotional intelligence in the workplace context with like-minded professionals while practicing your own emotional intelligence.

"For me, intending to do the most work in the field of internal coaching, the EI assessment is a perfect tool for an introduction to coaching. Furthermore, in my opinion, it has ideal content to empower all our leaders, whom we delegated a lot of responsibilty to, for the promotion of our company culture."

Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication and People Development, MIKRO+POLO

According to research, emotional intelligence is among the key skills needed to succeed at work. It is the skill for today and the future of work. The demand for emotional intelligence is likely to increase six fold within the next 3-5 years.


If you too understand the importance of emotional intelligence for the future of work, then join us on the next Genos EI Certification Programme.

Using award winning and internationally recognised Genos Assessments to empower your people, transform your organisational culture and create a more engaging work environment.


Help people understand how they demonstrate EI at work


Help leaders understand how to engage people with EI


Help salespeople understand and demonstrate EI in sales


Integrate EI into your organisation from the very start

"I feel that I have somehow grown as a person in this certification and gained a truly powerful experience on how to be more aware, how to observe and how to debrief. I'll gladly use this knowledge wherever I can."

Nina Vilič, Contact Centre Manager, Odmev

If you want to apply for certification or are interested in what you, your clients or your organization can gain by developing emotional intelligence, please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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