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Within our Learning Consultancy service we will be your partner in achieving your business goals. Once we get a comprehensive understanding of your need and challenges we design a focused program especially for you.

This is the correct service for you if you require external expertise, a fresh perspective on a challenging business situation, or in creating a more complex learning and development experience for your people.

What is the average return on investment from Consultancy?

Approximately 10 times the investment.

What are the three main reasons why companies invest in Consultancy?

To enable change, to clearly identify problems and to bring needed expertise to the organisation.

What percentage of employees don't have the skills needed to do their jobs?

70% of the employees don't have the skills needed to do their jobs.

Why Choose Fast Forward for your future development? 


Having redefined our Learning processes over a number of years we have developed an ACHIEVING RESULTS PROCESS which is a 5-step process to guide you through the Learning Experience and ensures you get a return on investment.

Our unique EVALUATION PROCESS measures the results from our workshops and programmes by measuring behaviour changes. These are agreed with you beforehand and are reviewed together in our post learning stakeholder review meeting. 

We are always upgrading our techniques and make the training fun and interactive. We use different LEARNING TECHNIQUES which include Accelerated Learning, NLP and Visual Facilitation to enhance the experience. These all enable participants to learn deeper and faster.

Depending on your needs and the goals of the programme we will use internationally recognised tools to develop your peoples' EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and RELATIONSHIP INTELLIGENCE to increase the impact of the learning process.

We offer you a FREE CONSULTATION where we meet and understand where you are now, where you want to be in the future and what this means you'll need from your people. We then recommend what kind of learning or development we believe will be the best way forward for your people.

These are some of the areas we have worked in, and some of the potential challenging areas you may need help with. 

Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Improving Performance, Leadership, Mentoring, Organisational Change, Organisational Culture, Relationship Intelligence, Sales & Customer Services, Successors, Talent Development, Team Building and much, much more.


If you would like more information on how we do things and how we get results through our interactive programs contact us.

Please enter any questions/comments in the text box and we'll get back to you soon.

Blog - Consultancy

Why might my organisation need a Learning Consultancy?

Why might my organisation need a Learning Consultancy?

A Learning Consultancy focuses on an organisation's level of learning and development needs. It offers a complete service from identifying...
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Testimonials - Consultancy

Consultancy - Aligning Vision and Values

Henrik Braband, Vice President, LEO Pharma, Denmark

Aligning Vision and Values

As a highly professional and convincing facilitator, Fast Forward managed to guide us through the difficult process of making the corporate strategy universe of our company both tangible and relevant to our employees. It is by no means an easy task to run 2 multi cultural sessions with up to 130 people from 12 different cultures - Fast Forward did this and did so with tremendous success. Looking at the feedback from the participants,

Consultancy - TeamBuilding

Ulrich Nagl, Technical Project Manager, LEK d.d.

As far as my project team is concerned the impact of the Teambuilding workshop was a big success! Including:

increased face-to-face meetings,
initiated a Kick Off Meeting where we invested in establishing a communication concept together,
elaborated our project plan and milestones together. All have the same information on our specific objectives,

Consultancy - Customer Service

Nada Grozl, Customer Service Manager, Save Tires, Slovenia

Fast Forward helped our Customer Service team to realize that an individual cannot win as an individual, but as a team. We focused on team work and working as a team we developed many ideas about how to improve our relationships and how to raise our profile with other departments.

We spent quite some time together and this helped us to know and understand each other better. With some additional knowledge about different types of people we also recognised our own styles

Consultancy - Mentoring Skills

Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication and HRD, Mikro+Polo

The mentoring skills programme proved to be very useful and ‘hands on the job’. In four 4-hours modules the participants learnt all the basics of what mentoring is, how to become a mentor, how to develop a training programme, how to communicate with different types of mentees and to follow-up and evaluate the delivery of the mentoring programme.

The satisfaction of the participants with the training was very high (9,3 on the 10-level scale), 73% would recommend


From our first contact to the end of the Learning Process we keep you informed of everything which is happening in the Process.
Our steps have been developed over many years and we have taken the best principals from all our past Learnings to get to this point. Please look at the following pages for the process of how we will move your people forward.....

Our Achieving Results Process

In then first stage of our process we meet up and talk with you to make sure we know what you expect from the Learning Process.
This will include your Goals, KPI's, Problems, Behaviour Changes needed and the Business Benefits expected.

Step 1 - Meet

After learning what is expected from the Learning Process in stage 1 we then decide who the Participants are, what skills they have at the moment and what your expectations for them are. We then agree Participant's, Manager's and Stakeholder's Expectations with you and then decide how we will design the Learning Process to cover this.

Step 2 - Agree

In then third stage of our process we design the Learning Journey, which will be created for your organisation, to meet the Business and Learning Goals set out in Steps 1 & 2. The Learnings will be perfectly aligned to the Participants attending and related to real, practical situations in the business. The Learning Journey could be workshops, coaching, questionnaires or a combination of all these Learning techniques in order to meet the goals.

Step 3 - Design

In then fourth stage of our process we deliver the Learning Journey.
The Pre-Learning is to help the participant prepare for the Learning Programmes. The Workshops will be highly interactive, practical and will utilise various learning techniques. The Coachings will be personal and help individuals address some of the areas which are stopping them moving forward. The Post-Learning helps the participant to put into practice the learnings of the workshop.

Step 4 - Deliver

Throughout the process we evaluate the Learning Journey and amend as we feel appropriate. We measure the Pre-course level of behaviour and skills, get feedback on the Workshop experiences and assess the Post-course situation. We get together at the Stakeholder's Review Meeting and discuss the results of the Programme, compare Pre-course and Post-course information, goals achieved and benefits gained. We then recommend further steps which could be taken for the next stage of development.

Step 5 - Evaluate

Step 5 - Evaluate
Step 1 - Meet

Learning Techniques

Please look at the other pages to see some of the tools/techniques we use....

We create an environment which is beneficial to Learning. We use many tried and tested techniques to make the Learning Journey as streamlined as possible and use a Learner Centered approach in order to get the Learnings across in the most effective way. We create highly practical, participative, fun and action oriented workshops to create a fast and memorable way of learning.

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning is an approach to Learning which involves the whole body and all senses. Your facilitator creates an area where participants are able to absorb and retain information better as the training space is full of multi-sensory equipment. This could be in stimulating the senses, the interaction with other members of the group or simply in the fact that participants feel 'comfortable' in their surroundings.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is knowing how the mind works. It is an approach to communication when dealing with Personal Development. You can build rapport with people in the group and use this group cohesion to make Learnings much more sustainable. When using NLP you can provide much more depth to a learning, even creating a belief, not just a behaviour change.

Points Of You

In some circumstances we will use the Points of You training cards. The cards are a visual representative of various images from the world around us. The cards let us focus on varying situations from a new perspective and therefore give a new insight into a situation or problem not thought of before.

Visual Facilitation

When we are running our workshops we create a visual representation of the story of the workshop. What has been discussed, what solutions were found to particular problems, the group agreements for how we should move forward. As part of the follow up to the workshop the flip chart story is shared with all participants so there is a permanent reminder of what was discussed, the outcomes and the way forward.

Emotional Intelligence

The way we feel determines how our thoughts are processed, the way our thoughts develop determine our behaviour. Our behaviour then represents itself in our performance. Therefore, we need to manage our feelings. With Emotional Intelligence we can measure our feelings in 6 key areas and learn the ability to manage these better. This results in better performance, better teamwork and a happier workplace.

Relationship Intelligence

People are different. How we perceive, understand and communicate is unique to us. To build stronger relationships, respecting these differences, we learn to adjust our approach and use our full range of strengths to better collaborate, solve problems and perform collectively on a higher level.

Relationship Intelligence
Accelerated Learning

Together, we agree behaviour changes you want to see as a result of the programme and use them in measuring the results achieved by our Learning Journey. We evaluate throughout the process and review and discuss the results together after the programme at the Stakeholder Review Meeting.

Achieving Results Process

A short survey is sent to each participant before the workshop or programme for them to self assess the current level of behvaiours connected to the programme.

Pre-Course evaluation of existing level of behaviour

A short survey is sent to each participant the day after the workshop to gain feedback and comments.

Workshop evaluation of the experience, learning and outputs

A short survey is sent to each participant 4 weeks after the workshop to review the same behaviours they self assessed before the workshop. This measures changes made and results from the workshop.

Post Course evaluation of behaviour changes

We review all elements of the programme, along with the evaluation results, and provide further advice and support in ensuring long term changes are made from the Learning Journey.

Stakeholder Review Meeting to ensure goals set have been achieved

Stakeholder Review


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