We make learning fun with true interactive delivery, learner cantered facilitation and leading-edge development tools and deliver result through our unique learning process.

How do we do things differently?

In everything we do, we are bringing together 20+ years’ experience in learning delivery and people development within diverse organisations in different countries.

Over a number of years we have designed and fine-tuned OUR UNIQUE LEARNING PROCESS that ensures high quality design and delivery of our services and a memorable learning experience for your people.

We think of your organisation as a partner in whichever learning journey we take. Together, we agree behaviour changes you want to see as a result of the learning and measure them through our EVALUATION PROCESS. After the learning, we review and discuss the results together at the Stakeholder Review Meeting.

We keep a close eye on latest development in our industry and continuously update the techniques we use to create a fun and interactive learning experience for your people. Some of our LEARNING TECHNIQUES include approaches from the areas such as accelerated learning, NLP and neuroscience. These all enable participants to learn deeper and faster.

We delivery training both live-online and in person. Unlike most online trainings, ours doesn’t focus on fancy online collaboration tools, webinar-like experiences or power point presentations. Both online and in-person, we use flipcharts VISUAL FACILITATION and, together with participants, co-create a memorable visual representation of the learning.

What development tools do we use?

Depending on your needs and the goals of the programme we will use award-winning tools DISC Flow and / or Genos EI and/or SDI 2.0 to develop your peoples' emotional intelligence and relationship intelligence and to increase the impact of the learning experience.

The reason we put so much emphasis on developing people’s emotional and relationship intelligence is because the way people choose to SHOW UP, impacts the way other around them FEEL. The way people FEEL, impacts the extent to which they ENGAGE and the extent to which they ENGAGE impacts the QUALITY of their relationships and the RESULTS of your organisation.


We use these tools to help organisations:

Develop powerful leadership

Build cohesive teams

Improve sales and customer service

Enhance communication

Reduce conflict

Increase personal engagement

Build a psychologically safe culture

Reduce stress



DISC Flow is the next generation DISC.


It builds on the tried and tested traditional DISC model and enhances it by introducing the power of Emotional Intelligence.

DISC Flow was designed to bridge the gap between DISC theory and in practice. It is user friendly and simple to understand as well as practical and actionable so people can immediately apply their actions.


We will use DISC Flow in developing your leaders, teams and key talent.


We will help them understand themselves and others better and to make more deliberate choices in improving communication and creating stronger, more productive relationships.


Genos EI


Award-winning Genos EI products are the only EI products on the market, specifically designed to develop emotionally intelligent behaviour at work.

Join organisations across the world who already benefit from developing their people’s emotional intelligence with Genos EI.


We will use Genos EI in developing your leaders, teams and key talent.


With Genos EI you will help your people understand how their emotions impact their performance, teamwork and engagement and equip them with tools and techniques to build their EI skillset – for exceptional professional and personal results.

Genos EI products allow for a more targeted development of emerging to established leaders, individuals in any role and sales professionals.


Is your organisation new to developing emotional intelligence at work?


Start your journey with our Emotional Intelligence at Work workshop. Your people will learn not only why but also in what way emotional intelligence matters, start developing their emotional vocabulary and explore emotionally intelligent workplace competency using award-winning Genos EI model.


Do you know how your people are feeling?


We experience a wide range of feelings at work as we interact with other people. These emotions influence our decisions, behaviour and performance. At a collective level, they impact the results of the entire organisation.


The Genos Emotional Culture Index has been designed to quickly and easily measure how people feel at work.


Knowing how your people feel, allows you to better plan where to focus your energy to optimise engagement, productivity, retention and resilience.


Claim your FREE Emotional Culture Survey for your Team or Organisation.

Please share your contact information and we will be in touch for your complementary Emotional Culture Index.

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SDI 2.0.


SDI 2.0 is an award-winning relationship intelligence tool.


Rather than focusing on what we do, the SDI 2.0 helps us understand why we behave the way we do and how we relate to each other. This insight helps us to choose better approach for engaging others whose thinking and behaviour are different from our own.


We will use SDI 2.0 to help your people create stronger relationships and harness the diversity within your teams and your organisation.


With the help of online CoreStrenghts learning platform, you will be able to easily integrate SDI 2.0 into your organisation culture. It is a portal for improving work relationships, allowing the frame of reference for navigating personality differences to spread throughout your organization.


If you are responsible for learning and development of the people in your organisation or you have your own network of in-house trainers and coaches, you might prefer to work independently with these tools.

We are partners and distributors for DISC Flow and Genos EI products and we deliver in-house certification training aligned with your unique development needs.

We will equip your people with in-depth knowledge so they will be able to introduce DISC Flow or Genos EI in your organisation and use it to build stronger teams, improve communication, reduce conflict, develop inspiring leaders and increase overall employee engagement.


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Customer Testimonials

Relationship Intelligence

Djurdjica Preočanin, Training & Development Manager, Coca Cola Beverages Croatia

As much as we were clear about what our needs are when it comes to ‘influencing’ as training, the more difficult part was sourcing training suppliers who could actually recognise what we need and design and deliver a customized programme. Fast Forward did the job perfectly, from Training Needs Analysis to training design and delivery. The impact of the training is now visible every day when you talk to delegates - the profiling tool itself (SDI®)

Relationship Intelligence

Andrej Grčman, General Manager, Klicni Center Odmev, GROM informacijske rešitve

Our business aim is to have the highest quality of customer service for our clients and to grow our business for the future. We knew that to achieve this, we must raise the attitude and skills of our team and for this reason we chose Fast Forward as our partner.

With Fast Forward we used the SDI profiling tool for all our team to increase internal teamwork and communication as well as better understand the different ways of giving great service

Emotional Intelligence

Ajda Likar, department manager, Javni štipendijski, razvojni, invalidski in preživninski sklad RS

After having experienced personal interpretation of my Genos report, I can say that interpretation by an experienced person in this area is necessary for the report to truly have value. I could not have reflected my report through the responses of others by myself, because I would give in to my own perceptions and filters. With skilful help of Fast Forward I not only saw how others see me but already also found concrete ideas to

Relationship Intelligence - Building Sales Relationships

Tomana Burger Pajic, Personal Development Supervior, Siemens

The main purpose of introducing SDI training to target employee group in our company was usage of SDI for enhancing internal selling skills and influencing across the company.
Although majority of participants already went through various communication skills programs before, the main feedback was that this training was something completely different in a sense not only that it is an interesting model helpful for better understanding of differences between people but

Emotional Intelligence

Elizabeta Zupančič, Rehabilitation specialist, CenterKontura

I found the Emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour feedback report very helpful as an insight to a better communication, establishing more genuine and effective contact firstly with myself, secondly with the people around me. It is a great guideline for a better self-awareness and more fulfilling relationships. It is also a very detailed tool that helps you asses and understand your competences in various areas, while it gives you step by step guidance and support

Relationship Intelligence

Igor Boševski, Supplier Relationship Manager ESO Chemicals, Lek d.d.

We gained quite a new perspective on how we are different, with some people that are thinking deeply, while others are just goign straight ahead and some taking care more fort he people or putting the emphasis on strong relationships. Indeed, fort he phrase that we value diversity, we got a flavor of what that really means in our day-to-day work.

Relationship Intelligence

Nada Grozl, Customer Service Manager, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Fast Forward helped our Customer Service team to realise that an individual cannot win as an individual, but as an individual, but as a team. By using SDI we learned how to react to different types of people and this really helps to make our dialy work with customers and colleagues easier. This has helped us to solve problems together and to adapt easier with less stress to all the changes we are facing daily.

Relationship Intelligence

Dominik Gaser PhD, Department Head, Cell and Molecular Biology, Lek d.d.

The communication was better after our teambuilding and also performance of the whole team increased. People were speaking more openly about tehir values, style of communication and different personality types were better undestood after the workshop. This workshop helped also me as a leader since I can slightly modify the communication with each individual.


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