Fast Forward | Pam's Story PamThis is me!My name is Pam, I am CEO of Fast Forward International.

This is my story.

Grab a coffee and let me tell you how I got here today.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I grew up in England in a house in a typical housing area outside Manchester.

I was an only child till the age of 11 when my younger sister Judith came along. I had a happy childhood and was blissfully unaware of all the adventures that were waiting for me

Fast Forward | Pam's Story HomeThat's my home right there!True story:

When I was 16, I decided it was time to have a Saturday job.
I wanted to start earning my own money.

While out shopping in Manchester with my mum I said, 'I'm going to get a Saturday job today.' Mum said, 'Oh, how are you going to do that?' I replied, 'I'd like to work in that department store there, so I'm going to go and get a job.'

I went into the store, asked to see the manager and 30 minutes later came back to my mum saying, 'I start next Saturday'. And so, my first step into the world of work began.

Fast Forward | Pam and DaveThis is us. ♥
Let's fast forward 5 years:

Married to Dave. We met on a holiday in Germany.

At 21 I was now taking on my first training role. I was learning to be a store manager for a chain of footwear shops, when I was invited by the training manager to take on a new role that would involve supporting 16-year-old school leavers who were joining the company.

It is surprising how things can turn out!
Why? Well…

I had always been nervous of standing and speaking in front of people and until now I somehow always managed to avoid these situations.

Not anymore! Time to face those fears.

The job included travelling around the country, visiting these kids in the stores and helping them to learn skills: soft skills, life skills, practical job skills. I got a company car and a salary increase.

At this point I thought: 'Wow, this is it, I've made it in life, a job with more freedom, to plan and manage my own days, helping others to learn – can it get any better than this?'

Little did I know!

I was soon asked to start providing workshops for all employees. I attended workshops and began the journey to learn my trade and skills as a trainer, facilitator and coach.

Here comes the twist!downsizingDownsizing!!

After 5 years the company got new ownership, new managers and a new philosophy and practically overnight 350 people were made redundant. I was not one of them, but I didn’t like the new company philosophy so I took it upon myself to find something better.

After 6 months searching, I found a new job as a Training Manager in Leicester, the midlands of England. We moved to our new home and started a brand new chapter.


Recession caused the company to downsize and this time I was one of the people to go. This happened two more times. So I I focused my energies again on getting another job. And then another just like I had when I was 16.

Changes up ahead…

One day Dave and I sat down and discussed the life we had and the life style we wanted. We both felt it was time for a change, a new way of living and working, a new environment, new people – a new adventure. And so, the decision was made - we would leave England behind and create a new life somewhere else. I was 33 years old.

SLOVEnijaWe feel sLOVEnijaAfter some searching, I found a new job in Slovenia as the regional HR Manager for DHL.

We fell in love with the country, the nature, the weather, the food, the way of life, the people – in fact everything.

Slovenija was truly a dream come true for us.

The job with DHL was to help to set up and develop the management teams and HR functions in different countries and when these countries became independent it would mean I had done my job and my contract would end. So, after 5 years this day finally arrived and DHL wanted to move me back to a position in the UK. We didn’t want to go back.

With the help of many friends a plan was formed and put into practice. We were thinking of having our own training and development business.

And so … drumroll please …

in 1999 Fast Forward International d.o.o. was born!

That is now many years ago and we are still happily living and working in Slovenia.
In 2006, my younger sister Judith also moved out to Slovenia, made her home here and began working with the company too.

Through the years I continued my own professional and personal development and gained many experiences with different kinds of organisations in different cultures and industries. I have defined my own 'best practice' way of working in developing people, that I know and believe make a real difference in people's lives as well as in the success of organisations. 

And so here I am today.

Looking back I would never have thought I would be here in Slovenija, running my own international training and development business, living and working in the most wonderful environment, having the chance to travel and explore new places and countries, working with new people and cultures.

Does it get any better than this?

Whoknows, maybe you, the reader will be part of the next chapter of my story  .

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