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Rapport Building

Communicate Assertively


Because time management is more than just organisational tips and wishing for there to be more hours in a day.
Time management starts in our minds. Exploring your attitude and mindset first will greatly improve the effectiveness of any tools and techniques you are using to make smart choices about how you use your time.

  • Where do you most often lose time?
  • How our beliefs impact how we manage time and ourselves.
  • What is the difference between important and urgent tasks?
  • How to priortise and plan when a lot seems important and urgent.
  • Explore and complete your role focus - your purpose, key areas, tasks and goals.
  • Explore your existing beliefs and learn how to adapt them to work better for you and empower you in managing your time and yourself better.
  • Gain a clearer focus on what are your priorities and what are important tasks that will drive your professional success
  • Learn how to make changes to the way you approach and think about time management to get results immediately

To celebrate the launch of our workshops we have a special price of 1. 200 EUR which is valid until the end of 2020, this includes:

  • participatory and learner centered delivery for a max of 12 participants
  • all learning materials
  • full day use of Fast Forward learning center with the use of materials for accelerated learning
  • breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks and refreshments

Prices do not include DDV.

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