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Influence and Impact

Communicate Assertively

Because good relationships are the key for achieving almost anything.

Relationships are easier to establish and develop when there is a closer connection and understanding between the parties involved. Knowing how to build rapport brings more success with people we engage with – both privately and professionally.

  • What is the mportance and impact of relationships in our lives?
  • How do concepts of Game theory apply to building good relationships?
  • What is rapport and to establish, build and maintain it?
  • How to listen with your whole body?
  • What is VAKOG model of language and how to use it to build rapport?
  • Greater success in building productive relations with your clients, colleagues, manager, partner etc
  • Become a more effective communicator and a better listener and observer
  • Understand how we differently process information and practice building rapport in different ways

To celebrate the launch of our workshops we have a special price of 1. 200 EUR which is valid until the end of 2020, this includes:

  • participatory and learner centered delivery for a max of 12 participants
  • all learning materials
  • full day use of Fast Forward learning center with the use of materials for accelerated learning
  • breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks and refreshments

Prices do not include DDV.

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