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Rapport Building

Influence and Impact

Communicate Assertively

While world of work and skills we need in it are quickly changing, good communication remains on the top of the list of soft skills needed in the future.

Communication is the heart of every organisation.

Everything you do in the workplace results from communication, making it an essential skill for your success.

  • What are internal filters that influence our focus, perception and communication?
  • How do our internal mental processes work and how to improve them?
  • What are foundations of establishing rapport?
  • How to become a better listener?
  • How to use questions effectively?
  • Other will understand you better
  • You will be better at influencing people
  • You will get your message across more clearly.

To celebrate the launch of our workshops we have a special price of 1. 200 EUR which is valid until the end of 2020, this includes:

  • participatory and learner centered delivery for a max of 12 participants
  • all learning materials
  • full day use of Fast Forward learning center with the use of materials for accelerated learning
  • breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks and refreshments

Prices do not include DDV.

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