The Conscious Leader 2023

Develop Your Leaders

 Immerse your Leaders in emotional and relationship intelligence to go beyond strategizing and decision making.

Your Leaders become an inspiring force and Leaders who know how to lead in order to develop people to their full potential.

The Conscious Leader programme is a highly interactive and immersive learning journey that takes your leaders on a path to exploring 6 core areas of leadership:


Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Experience the impact of emotional intelligence and learn why it matters for leaders. Explore how emotionally aware and literate your leaders really are and what that means for leaders.  Discover the Genos International model of emotional intelligence and eye opening insights from social neuroscience of emotions to finally understand connections between emotions and behaviour, performance and decision-making. 


Empathetic Leader

Your leaders learn how to be more intentional in working with others by enhancing awareness of others and become more behaviourally agile in their leadership style. They will understand and harness the power of universal emotional triggers to better engage and motivate different people and explore people’s unique behavioural preferences to start building more productive relationships and their relationship intelligence.


Authentic Leader

Learning how to build a culture of trust by effectively expressing and encouraging authentic and open expression. Get feedback on their emotionally intelligent leadership behaviour and start turning it into actionable development steps. Practice their emotional expression skills to create a psychologically and emotionally safe environment for others and encourage open and honest communication for your people, teams and the organisation.


Expansive Leader

Increasing the quality of your decision making and leading in a more expansive and inclusive way. Explore their own obstacles to expansive decision making by challenging their unconscious bias, assumptions and beliefs. Learn to make better quality decisions by taking into account the emotions, values and ethics. Learn models, tools, and techniques to lead and make decisions in an expansive way.


Resilient Leader

Creating a positive and healthy working environment for others and inspiring in yourself and others a more productive emotional state of being even in challenging situations. Explore how they behave when responding in challenging situations. Start developing the skill of emotional resilience by learning and practicing simple and effective techniques for managing their own emotional state and receive support in their continuous personal development.


Empowering Leader

Bringing learning from the entire program together and applying it to real workplace situations so they can better empower others and unleash their full potential. Explore what inspires and empowers people in feeling emotions of gratitude, love, trust and belonging. Create a personal action plan in how they will now show up in a more inspiring and empowering way.


The Programme includes :

  • Six and a half days, packed with eye opening insights on enhancing leadership competencies
  • Engaging and inspiring learner centred facilitation
  • DISC Flow has been included on the Training Industry Evaluation and Assessment Watch List for companies that have developed new and unique research-supported tools
  • Each leader's personal DISC Flow report enables them to understand the impact they have on each person in the team, how to communicate more effectively and build better and stronger relationships
  • Award winning Genos emotional intelligence Leadership 360assessment and report that will help each leader understand how well they demonstrate emotional intelligence in their leadership role
  • The personalised Genos Digital Platform guides each leader to explore feedback and insights in their Genos report for their continued leadership development.

Benefits gained by our previous participants

The whole package lead me to accept the importance of Conscious Leadership and raised it to a completely other level.


I no longer react instinctively in my own way, but I manage to act more thoughtfully.


Participation helped me to broaden my 'horizon' of leadership and reflect on my own behaviour as a leader.


The most useful thing was the integration of theory and practice.


I gained: Tools/knowledge that I can use for improving myself as a leader. Insight from different perspectives and how to deal with certain problems. The team itself has demonstrated a good portion of the topic of the training, so I have gained additional insights on how the leadership skill is used in practice.


Very active programme, good topics, useful hints/tricks to use in practice.


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