Tanja Simenc, Head of Freight , DHL - Slovenia

The Freight management team decided, together with the HR department, to organise a Team Building session for all Freight employees. The aim of the Team Building session was 'Change Management - Organisational as well as personal'.

Since this is a very important topic for business and people, we decided to ask for professional help. Due to the really good experience  of other departments within our organization we have decided to use Fast Forward.

Fast Forward - Pam Welsby - prepared a tailor-made session for our team. She guided us through the importance of positive thinking, overcoming limiting beliefs, confidence building, presentation skills, decision making, managing our time, as well as coping with change. In addition to that we have learned more about each others responsibilities and work tasks.

We left Kranjska Gora with a lot of will to go forward within the business and an understanding of what is important and how changes can be looked at as a positive contribution to our daily life.

I would recommend this session to every individual who is working in a business environment.



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