Igor Jakovljević, Cluster Manager for DPD Croatia and Slovenia

We contacted Fast Forward to support us in developing our leadership group in Slovenia, putting in place core skills and attitudes to build a strong, professional DPD that could manage the future challenges.

The programme was a 5 module programme that took our leaders on a journey from basics of the leadership role, through the core leadership skills including the role of a leader, organisation and planning, relationship building and handling conflict, motivation and leadership, and finally performance management.

The programme was well designed not only in content but with strong emphasis on preparing the leaders for the learning, and focusing them on applying learning and making changes in their daily work. This was visible in their everyday work, their attitude and their results. During the year, they matured into more competent and capable leaders that were better able to manage and motivate their teams to achieve the results, which were above expectations by the end of the year. A great success.


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