Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication and HRD, Mikro+Polo

The mentoring skills programme proved to be very useful and ‘hands on the job’. In four 4-hours modules the participants learnt all the basics of what mentoring is, how to become a mentor, how to develop a training programme, how to communicate with different types of mentees and to follow-up and evaluate the delivery of the mentoring programme.

The satisfaction of the participants with the training was very high (9,3 on the 10-level scale), 73% would recommend it to others and the comparison of their self-evaluation at the beginning and at the end of the programme has shown a significant improvement on all points.

In the course of the programme we have also developed all the necessary documentation for the mentors (internal instructions, rewarding system, forms, etc.), we formed the “mentors’ club” and agreed on regular exchange of experience. We have also published an article in our newspaper Mikrofon. Last but not least, we additionally trained 3 future mentors who were mentees during the programme (“mentor the (future) mentor”). The programme is one of the most rewarding in the framework of the project ASI.

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