Ulrich Nagl, Technical Project Manager, LEK d.d.

As far as my project team is concerned the impact of the Teambuilding workshop was a big success! Including:

increased face-to-face meetings,
initiated a Kick Off Meeting where we invested in establishing a communication concept together,
elaborated our project plan and milestones together. All have the same information on our specific objectives,
telephone and face-to-face principle used for sorting out conflicts and misunderstandings,
we opened the project folder on the shared drive and are hosting and updating all important documents together across sites.

All these activities lead to more trust between the team members for the 2 sites and I feel at the moment a strong commitment from both sites to overcome hurdles and challenges together! I feel a very good team spirit at the moment. I do not know if everything is connected to the workshop but it certainly helped to improve it.

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