Henrik Braband, Vice President, LEO Pharma, Denmark

Aligning Vision and Values

As a highly professional and convincing facilitator, Fast Forward managed to guide us through the difficult process of making the corporate strategy universe of our company both tangible and relevant to our employees. It is by no means an easy task to run 2 multi cultural sessions with up to 130 people from 12 different cultures - Fast Forward did this and did so with tremendous success. Looking at the feedback from the participants, Fast Forward managed to read the audience and thereby make the new vision, mission and values both understandable and appreciated. When dealing with everything from highly educated academics to blue collar workers, one must strike a fine balance - therefore it was clear to us from the beginning that we needed the support from highly professional process facilitators - Fast Forward and their skilled personnel was our choice and will most definitely be so again.

  • Specific Outputs: Enhanced feeling of being part of "One Company" by the employees.
  • Individual tasks now seen by the employees in a broader context (does it fit with the vision, mission and values?).
  • Efforts more aligned than ever before. • More focus in the organisation – ("...we finally have a clear direction"...).
  • Enhanced winner mentality in the organisation (..."we want to go places in this company!"...).
  • Managers feel better empowered (..."now we can link our decisions up to an overarching goal!"...).

Ulrich Nagl, Technical Project Manager, LEK d.d.

As far as my project team is concerned the impact of the Teambuilding workshop was a big success! Including:

increased face-to-face meetings,
initiated a Kick Off Meeting where we invested in establishing a communication concept together,
elaborated our project plan and milestones together. All have the same information on our specific objectives,
telephone and face-to-face principle used for sorting out conflicts and misunderstandings,
we opened the project folder on the shared drive and are hosting and updating all important documents together across sites.

All these activities lead to more trust between the team members for the 2 sites and I feel at the moment a strong commitment from both sites to overcome hurdles and challenges together! I feel a very good team spirit at the moment. I do not know if everything is connected to the workshop but it certainly helped to improve it.

Nada Grozl, Customer Service Manager, Save Tires, Slovenia

Fast Forward helped our Customer Service team to realize that an individual cannot win as an individual, but as a team. We focused on team work and working as a team we developed many ideas about how to improve our relationships and how to raise our profile with other departments.

We spent quite some time together and this helped us to know and understand each other better. With some additional knowledge about different types of people we also recognised our own styles and the styles of others. By using this tool (SDI®) we learned how to react to different types of people and this really helps to make our daily work with customers and colleagues easier.

All in all, this training was a good opportunity for our Customer Service team to become more united and more team oriented, and this has helped us to solve problems together and to adapt easier with less stress to all the changes we are facing daily.

A strong team is actively seeking new challenges and we are definitely on this way.

Mirjana Mladič, Marketing, Communication and HRD, Mikro+Polo

The mentoring skills programme proved to be very useful and ‘hands on the job’. In four 4-hours modules the participants learnt all the basics of what mentoring is, how to become a mentor, how to develop a training programme, how to communicate with different types of mentees and to follow-up and evaluate the delivery of the mentoring programme.

The satisfaction of the participants with the training was very high (9,3 on the 10-level scale), 73% would recommend it to others and the comparison of their self-evaluation at the beginning and at the end of the programme has shown a significant improvement on all points.

In the course of the programme we have also developed all the necessary documentation for the mentors (internal instructions, rewarding system, forms, etc.), we formed the “mentors’ club” and agreed on regular exchange of experience. We have also published an article in our newspaper Mikrofon. Last but not least, we additionally trained 3 future mentors who were mentees during the programme (“mentor the (future) mentor”). The programme is one of the most rewarding in the framework of the project ASI.

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