A Learning Consultancy focuses on an organisation's level of learning and development needs. It offers a complete service from identifying learning needs through to evaluation of results. The development of a specific programme which ensures you will get the changes you want and whatever the content is that is needed is researched, prepared and delivered in a way that is unique to your organisation.

Consultancy is successful because of a focus on:Fast forward | 5 keys to leadership success

    • Understanding the challenges your organisation is facing and what you want to achieve.
    • Clearly defining, with you, the outputs we expect in terms of behavioural changes at the end of this learning and how we will measure that we have achieved them or are on track throughout the programme.
    • An understanding of the scope of people needed to make this change and their current attitude, past experience and current behaviours in this area. This indicates the size of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and thus, the scope of the programme needed to achieve this.
    • The design of the specific development that will achieve this, including workshops or other events, one-to-one work with key people, specific tools that will facilitate the change e.g. 360 degree feedback tools, use of engagement surveys, culture assessment tools, profile tools to raise self-awareness, develop leadership style, reduce conflicts or enhance the quality of relationships.
    • High quality facilitators and consultants who will deliver what is being done in a quality, learner centred way. This will motivate learners and inspire ideas for actions and changes back in the work place, giving each individual the chance to learn their way, at their pace and supporting each one to make the changes they need and want to make.
    • Consistently monitoring progress being made with the individual learners, their managers and the organisation stakeholder; senior management and HR



As we see in this explanation the focus is much more on the process, how we will do what we do and as a result of this, the content, what will we do, starts to take shape. This means that the content is developed and created once you have started working together and is a result of the intense work to understand what is needed and create the suitable intervention.

This is why, Learning Consultancies do not first talk with you about the content of the programme. They can provide examples of similar programmes and the way this kind of programme 'usually' works, their approach to learning and how they will ensure you get the results you want but first they need to spend more time with you, other key stakeholders, managers and some participants to fully investigate the need and what you want.

They are selling you a service not a product (programme). You are therefore selecting them based on their approach and guarantee of certain results and the references they have from similar programmes and then your initial work is together exploring the issue and creating the programme before starting to deliver. The time spent in effective research and preparation might seem slow when you want quick changes, but the investment of this time means your results are guaranteed and will come consistently and last for the long term.

This is a premium level service and although often charged on a delivery day rate includes many value-added services and time the organisation is investing with you, that is included in that day rate. Consultancy requires a partnership approach. They cannot make the changes you want themselves, but with you. You know they are invested in ensuring the results you want and will do whatever it takes, with you, to achieve this and that is why it’s a higher day rate. You must therefore decide if this additional value is what you need.

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