A great misunderstanding when talking about emotional intelligence is that, similar to IQ, one gets a numerical score that tells you how emotionally intelligent you are (or aren’t).

However, what makes a person emotionally intelligent is not a score.

You are only as emotionally intelligent as people experience you being.

No amount of emotional intelligence will be of much use to you, if don’t demonstrate it when interacting with people around you. Which means it all comes down to our behaviour.

Genos International invested 20 years of research in identifying a specific set of 42 behaviours that are responsible for driving an emotionally intelligent impact.  The good news is that pretty much all of us have many of those behaviours as a standard part of the way they behave day to day.

We just need some guidance to make just the right adjustments that will create the biggest positive impact in how we ‘show up’ and the way we are perceived in the eyes of people we work with.

Fast forwqard | Emotional Intelligence CaleidoscopeThink of emotional intelligence as being like a kaleidoscope.

In a kaleidoscope a series of mirrors set at angles to one another create fascinating patterns when they reflect the tiny coloured beads that share the tube with them.  When you turn the tube and even one bead you change its reflection, and the reflection of its reflection and so on – then the entire pattern changes dramatically.

Your working environment is just like that.

Each of your behaviours is like one of those coloured beads, and each of the people who work for you are like mirrors.

People are affected by your behaviours. How they are affected is reflected back to you and to every other person that they deal with day to day. If you change even one small thing about the way you behave in your interaction that can have a dramatic effect on the way you are perceived.


The way we show up, determines the way people feel, that determines the extent to which they engage and that determines the outcomes of our relationships.

But how do you know which of those behaviours are already part of the default way in which you show up’, and which you need to work upon? Genos EI assessments are the only ones that measure ‘Demonstrated Emotional Intelligence’ in a workplace environment. They give you the answer to the question: how you ‘show up’.

Emotional intelligence is something you can absolutely develop and as a result have much more positive impact on people around you.

Interested? Contact us and let’s make it possible.

Source: Genos Europe

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