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Are you starting to feel tired and stressed because of everything happening as a result of Covid-19 pandemic? If you are, you are not the only one!

Once again we are all being put to the test – how adaptable, resilient and resourceful we are and how well we respond to change and uncertainty.

It can almost feel overwhelming trying to keep up with changing measures, juggling both private and work-related responsibilities and at the same time and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

If you are open and ready to receive some support in this, here are 6 simple and very effective techniques that will help you manage your emotions better.

This will help you find calm, reduce stress and regain some control and more effectively manage any challenging situation.

Listen to what your emotions are telling you
Understand how you can impact your emotional state

Your emotions impact you more you can imagine. Watch a short video on how your emotions impact your thinking and behaviour and you will immediately start improving you emotional awareness.

Understanding how emotions impact us and how our bodies naturally respond, gives us a clue how to hack into our habitual automated responses and take more control over how we feel and how we react.

Pinpoint your place on the emotional change curve
Understand where your response is coming from and what is next

Emotional Intelligence 6 Effective Blog EI 2Your responses to any situation are influenced by your emotions. Take a little time and learn about the emotional change curve and you will be able to pinpoint where on this curve you currently stand.

This way, you will not only better understand what you need at that point but you will also be able to predict your next emotional response and move more effectively and consciously through the next steps.

You are also going to be able to provide your loved ones with more help and support so they too can adapt quickly and with less stress.





Focus on the things you can control
Convert your concerns into action

The saying goes that “worrying is a complete waste of time. It doesn't change anything. All is does it steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing” Worrying in this sense is focusing on things we cannot control and only increases stress and anxiety.

Watch a short video and learn about a technique that will help you focus your attention and energy on things you can do something about. You will get immediate ideas on how to convert your concerns into actions which will make you feel empowered, confident and in control.

Reframe the situationEmotional Intelligence 6 Effective Blog EI 3
Get a wider and clearer view of the situation

Negative emotions can really narrow our perspective and make us more biased, reactive and judgemental. They can literally make us see less. Watch this short video on how to use a simple technique that will help you to see more by helping you trigger, in you, a more positive emotional state.

This will help you change your perception and feel better in any situation, see the much bigger picture and see more possibilities than you previously were unaware of.

Make positive new habits stick
Make new habits that bring you joy as a part of your life

Most likely you started doing some things differently now – maybe you started a new hobby, got back to exercising, reading or spending more time with family and you would like to keep doing that after the pandemic.

You made the effort to make some changes in your life – great! So how can you make them stick?

Learn about logical levels of change, a great self-reflection technique that helps consider new habits or change from different levels of your personality. The more aligned these levels are, the more lasting the change you make will be.

Try on a different mindset
Don't be a self-saboteur but rather an enthusiastic cheerleader

Emotional Intelligence 6 Effective Blog EI 4Everything starts in our minds. Your beliefs have the biggest impact on your behaviour and are also quite hard to change, especially if we are not even aware of them. Beliefs are emotionally held opinions that we have reinforced over time.

Take a little time to learn about selected beliefs of excellence, exciting new ways of thinking that you can use to intentionally explore a situation from a completely new point of view.

Try them on to see where your beliefs might be limiting you and what would serve you better and give you better chances of responding productively.


I hope you will find these techniques as useful and effective as I do. I especially like how versatile they are and how I can apply them in any challenging situation where I need some positive emotional boost.

The best part about these techniques is that they are completely within your control.

Now it’s your turn.
Which of these techniques are you most excited to try out first?
Let me know how it goes and how I can support you along the way.

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