Delivered live as a one day workshop, or as a Live Online workshop in two half day Zoom sessions.

Slovene or English

Other skills connected to this programme:

Because single most essential ingredient in organizational success is the proactive behaviour of people in it.

It’s people who not just do their job but take accountability to choose to do and be their best that drive the success of an organisation.

  • What are leadership qualities in my role?
  • What is the difference between responsibility and accountability?
  • How to use anchoring technique to achieve greater self-confidence?
  • What are your work values and how to increase self-motivation?
  • How to effectivelly set goals?
  • Learn to practice leadership mindset to drive your own success and achieve better results
  • Better understand what you value at work, how satisfied you currently are and how you can immediately improve this to increase be more motivated and engaged at work
  • Take control over your own development and success and create your own opportunities for a more fulfilling professional life

Your investment includes:

  • participatory and learner centered delivery for a max of 12 participants
  • all learning materials

Delivered live as a one day workshop, or as a Live Online workshop in two half day Zoom sessions.

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Self Leadership

Participant, Lek d.d.

Interesting workshop that opens your eyes on the importance of good leadership, our development and on the importance of continuous learning and setting personal goals.


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