The first step to success is to review the value of your relationships. Being able to understand others and get along with different people in a positive and constructive way has a positive impact on your health and happiness. It reduces stress, provides opportunity to grow and improves your effectiveness.

What are the real costs of conflict to organisations?

Conservative estimations say approximatley 250,000 USD per person.

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

Most problems in the workplace are not caused by problems in the work but by problems in relationships.

What % of people say that work relationships are important for their Quality of Life?

90% of people say that work relationships are important for their Quality of Life.

Why invest in the Relationship Intelligence of your people?



In today’s service-based economy work gets done with or through people.

We work with and along people every day - our colleagues, customers, managers, business partners. Social interactions continue when we leave work - friends, partners, family members, neighbours. 

Relationship intelligence is a skill we all need to succeed because everything we do relies on working well with others. Organizations depend on positive interpersonal connections to accomplish their goals. For this reason relationship intelligence is a needed skill within the workplace.

How do we develop Relationship Intelligence?

By getting down to what really matters for every individual.

High-performing teams have great relationships because they understand, accept and are able to harness their different strengths and motives.

Relationship Intelligence means having insight into people’s core motives and strengths and being able to make adjustments, so you communicate in a style that they better understand.

We develop people’s relationship intelligence by using award winning and globally recognised profiling tools that help people understand how to influence people who think, behave, and communicate differently.

This enables us to go deep - on the level of motives that drive our behaviour rather than just behaviour itself.

We develop Relationship Intelligence through our practical team buildings, individual coachings and leadership development programmes.

What can I expect?

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Testimonials - Relationship intelligence

Relationship Intelligence

Djurdjica Preočanin, Training & Development Manager, Coca Cola Beverages Croatia

As much as we were clear about what our needs are when it comes to ‘influencing’ as training, the more difficult part was sourcing training suppliers who could actually recognise what we need and design and deliver a customized programme. Fast Forward did the job perfectly, from Training Needs Analysis to training design and delivery. The impact of the training is now visible every day when you talk to delegates - the profiling tool itself (SDI®)

Relationship Intelligence

Andrej Grčman, General Manager, Klicni Center Odmev, GROM informacijske rešitve

Our business aim is to have the highest quality of customer service for our clients and to grow our business for the future. We knew that to achieve this, we must raise the attitude and skills of our team and for this reason we chose Fast Forward as our partner.

With Fast Forward we used the SDI profiling tool for all our team to increase internal teamwork and communication as well as better understand the different ways of giving great service

Relationship Intelligence - Building Sales Relationships

Tomana Burger Pajic, Personal Development Supervior, Siemens

The main purpose of introducing SDI training to target employee group in our company was usage of SDI for enhancing internal selling skills and influencing across the company.
Although majority of participants already went through various communication skills programs before, the main feedback was that this training was something completely different in a sense not only that it is an interesting model helpful for better understanding of differences between people but

Relationship Intelligence

Igor Boševski, Supplier Relationship Manager ESO Chemicals, Lek d.d.

We gained quite a new perspective on how we are different, with some people that are thinking deeply, while others are just goign straight ahead and some taking care more fort he people or putting the emphasis on strong relationships. Indeed, fort he phrase that we value diversity, we got a flavor of what that really means in our day-to-day work.

Relationship Intelligence

Nada Grozl, Customer Service Manager, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Fast Forward helped our Customer Service team to realise that an individual cannot win as an individual, but as an individual, but as a team. By using SDI we learned how to react to different types of people and this really helps to make our dialy work with customers and colleagues easier. This has helped us to solve problems together and to adapt easier with less stress to all the changes we are facing daily.

Relationship Intelligence

Dominik Gaser PhD, Department Head, Cell and Molecular Biology, Lek d.d.

The communication was better after our teambuilding and also performance of the whole team increased. People were speaking more openly about tehir values, style of communication and different personality types were better undestood after the workshop. This workshop helped also me as a leader since I can slightly modify the communication with each individual.


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