team developmentWhat does it include?

• Wide range of workshops for leaders with their teams for different purposes (team building, creating high performing teams, increasing engagement, developing needed skills, dealing with changes etc)
• Workshops are created to meet the team’s specific needs.

Examples include:
• Skills workshops to build a stronger high performing team
• Creative processes to explore the way individual’s feel in the team and increase their understanding and co-operation as a team
• SDI profiling to better understand the core values and diversity in the team and how to make best use of this
• Exploration of individual core strengths to build a strengths-based approach to success as a team
• Deeper team experience to give and receive feedback in an open environment better align and build smoother, more effective communication and co-operation
• A team workshop focused both on how the team works as a team and how they need to function as a team to be successful with their customers, partners and colleagues outside the team 
• Facilitated workshop focused on building strengths and addressing gaps by working on current real topics with the team
• An Emotional Intelliegnce assessment for each person with feedback from their team members, then using this, as a team, to take a leap in becoming a higher performing team.

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