middle level leaderHigh level Leadership Development programme usually focused on defining and developing a consistent leadership culture throughout the organisation

What does it include?

Approx. 12 months modular programme: 
• Analysis of strengths and weakness of existing leadership culture resulting in behavioural statements that define the desired approach to leadership in the organisation. Done with input from senior management and sometimes from survey for leaders or employees. This can also include an Emotional Climate survey for the organisation as well as an Emotional Intelligence assessment for Leaders
• Knowledge, Attitudes Skills Habits to develop are chosen based on definition of leadership culture
• Often combines workshops, with 360 feedback, personal profiling or coaching, as appropriate
• Incorporates blended learning before and after workshops to support application of learning
• Highly practical exercises and assignments on real leadership challenges individually and as a team
• Full evaluation of progress against key leadership culture behaviours
• Regular progress reviews with leaders and key stakeholders

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