May 2017

This Newsletter covers the importance of reducing conflict in the workplace and how, with the use of SDI, it can be avoided.

March 2017

This newsletter covers Achieving Results and making sure you choose the correct training provider and get value for your money.

January 2017

As 2017 is here we assess the new year and launch our new and improved services to be more aligned with our partners and customers.

November 2016

In this issue we concentrate on the visit to Slovenia of Stella Collins and her work with Neuroscience to develop more interactive 'Brain Friendly Learning' sessions. Also we introduce our new Learning Solutions Workshops.

September 2016

In our September issue we got a few key indicators from our Survey of the topics which are current at the moment. There is a free 'Achieving Results' e-book to download and how the Leaders in your organization are key to achieving organizational goals.

June 2016

As a result of our services survey and which topic would be of most use for you, in June newsletter we shared more information about Culture Change and what is our approach to it. The new 'Achieving Results' e-book was published on our website and we announced and interesting event coming up in October 2016.

April 2016

In this issue coaching was our new topic as one of the best ways of developing people's skills, abilities and of boosting performance. The qualification for the SDI was for the first time presented to you as one programme - combining Level 1 and Level 2. 

March 2016

March newsletter was dedicated to Organisation Change, giving you an example of AstraZeneca changing their organisation and what they benefited from it. You were also able to see a few video from Stella Collins talking about her new book 'Neuroscience for Learning and Development'. 

February 2016

In February issue we introduces the Webinars about Neuroscience of Learning and Development that Stella Collins, the author of Brain Friendly Learning programme, was holding. We also showed you how Novartis Animal Health company brilliantly incorporated the brain friendly techniques into their business.

January 2016

In January issue we focused on coaching as one of the best tools to motivate your employees, on Brain Friendly Learning and how Managers or Trainers can benefit from putting it in practice. In this issue you can also find some useful solutions that can help your organisational issues or needs.