Creating a Strengths Based Culture

Many organisations are moving away from hierarchical, function-based structures in favor of flexible and goal-oriented team-based arrangements that build on strengths of each person. Learn how you too can achieve this.

Learning Services

Understand different learning and development services, decide which suit your organisation's needs and find those who offer them.

Money Lost on Unreal Conflicts

80% of conflicts in organisations are not real. People have the same goals but simply disagree about how to achieve them. UK organisations are losing 24 billion pounds a year in the cost of conflicts. Imagine the savings and increase in productivity if you could help your organisation to save 80% of the cost of conflict to your organisation. These are all skills that everyone can learn.

Achieving Results

Spending money on training and development means nothing unless it is in line with your business goals, focused on your key priorities and is professionally managed and implemented for maximum results. Effective and valuable training directly contributes to your business results, helps to address key business problems, compliments your business plans and contributes to current business initiatives. 

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer

The human brain is the most complex and most powerful information processor known to man. When we present knowledge to the individual in a way that suits him best, we can achieve the most effective transfer of knowledge. Gain knowledge about the brain and learn the science behind how to make learning memorable and easy to apply.  

Ultimate Guide to Change Management

In managing change you are managing people through a process, which is emotional in nature. Those of us who can respond quickly and positively to change increase our chances of success. Get to know 5 steps in successfully managing changes.