Conflict Management

80% of the conflict we experience every day, is technically 'not real', meaning, we have the same goal and just different ways of how we want to work towards achieving this goal. The SDI gives us a deep understanding of conflicts, our nature of responding and how to deal with the situation.

SDI - Added Value for the Company

SDI, or Strength Deployment Inventory, is a versitile and powerful technique that you can use in various contexts. It identifies our core values. Applicating SDI in business has numerous benefits, from cost and time reduction, developing key competences, increase of employee engagement to overall improvement of teams quality and effectiveness.

Learner Centered Approach to Training

Learner centered approach is a relatively new method of professional training. When using it, the trainer consults with the learners about their challenges and strengths and adapts the content to meet their needs. The learners are encouraged to find the key learning points for themselves.

Faster and Simpler Learning

In February issue of 'Revija DIREKTOR' magazine Pam spoke about her first experience with accelerated learning and how she began to introduce it to her professional environment. Understanding some basics of how our brains work is a great knowledge which can be used to increase the effectiveness and impact of learning.