Stimulating Creativity    

Fast Forward arranged a one day workshop for Biopharma managers to help us as managers to stimulate and inspire greater creativity and innovation in our teams. This was both via the Think Sandoz system and also in day-to-day activites. The programme was very useful in sharing best practice with other managers as well as looking at various creativity tools and techniques that we could use to achieve this. With my team I concretely used the brainstorming technique, which although I knew, I used in a new and different way and as a result we succeeded to come to a practical idea that we would not otherwise have found. I can recommend this programme to other departments and managers as a way to improve our Innovation Culture. Mateja Salobir, Head of Technical Development, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals Mengeš 


First of all, I think coaching is the best way to learn more about yourself and to learn how to react in the best way in a specific situation or relationship. Effective communication is the key for good relationships and achieving great results. The profile tool SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) charmed me with its simplicity and applicability. Of course this might not be the case without a great coach. All of this applies to our TB as well. One of my colleagues said: 'It takes so little and the things and people are so much better understood.'

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