Three years ago we had reached a crucial point in our business development. We had put in place an infrastructure, systems and procedures that would enable us to achieve our demanding and challenging business goals. We had provided the necessary tools to enable our staff and managers to do the best possible job and achieve their goals. Yet something was still missing. Our managers were not using these tools effectively. They were not responding to the change in the management style. We expected them to use their initiative, take real responsibility and ownership for their results and act as role models for their teams, motivating and empowering them to also achieve their best. And yet the more responsibility we gave them, the more they seemed to stay with their dictatorial style, issuing orders, keeping information and power to themselves and managing through commands.
We recognised that we needed to do something to begin to change the culture and attitude of our managers. We would never meet the demands of a rapidly changing and more competitive market place unless we had a strong management, who could truly manage and lead their teams in a way which would bring out the best in everyone, maximise potential and harness all our human resources in pursuit of the common business goals. That was when we brought in Fast Forward. They worked with us to help us define more precisely what we needed to do and together we developed a long term management development programme that has enabled us to build a workforce that understands what is expected of them, recognises the importance of working with and through their people to achieve real results, take the initiative in making improvements and satisfying our clients and most importantly now has the skills and attitudes to make the best use of the business tools, systems and procedures.
This has provided us with a very solid foundation for the future. Our business has once more entered a new phase in its development, where we are now faced with the integration of different businesses, not just in terms of systems and procedures but also in terms of culture, management style and attitude. Without the development of the last three years this would have been a formidable task. However our management has responded to the challenge positively, they have taken the ownership for achieving what they can in their own areas of responsibility, they are proactive in taking the initiative and solving problems and they have successfully motivated their teams to continue to perform well during difficult times.
Our business results also speak for themselves. Continued growth and achievement of revenue and profit targets plus improvements in service standards and customer satisfaction. The management development process has, in many ways, been a catalyst to help us to achieve the results we are so proud of.

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Pam designed and implemented a long-term Senior Management Development programme for 30 Senior Managers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The programme yielded immediate payback, enabling the tremendous growth in the business to be managed in a professional manner. The longer term success of the Programme is evident from the high proportion of participants who have gone on to senior roles within the global DHL network.
Pam interacted well with the participants and was a great support to me in advice on further development needs.

http://RUBKEN.net/search/dongguanz.cn Karl Paulins, General Manager, DHL - Baltics

360 Degree Feedback 

In our organisation, we put a lot of emphasis on training and having a good working environment. We believe that only competent, well trained and happy employees are prepared for changes that occur regularly today. We wish to offer focused trainings to our employees, therefore we expect training providers to adapt their work to our demands.
We are grateful that 360 degree feedback is a very strong tool that allows a manager to better understand his style and the way he is seen by others. This is the honest, and to my understanding, the most objective instrument I have used so far in terms of identification of your own strengths and weaknesses. It gives lots of opportunities to improve your style and develop what you need in your current role. Competency gap analysis definitely helps managers to identify potential areas that will form part of the individual development plan. The key idea to me is that the lessons learnt can be applied immediately to adjust your own agenda and action plans. We work in one team and the stronger the team members potentially the stronger the team. As football coaches would say: “You cannot make a team of bad players but best players cannot make a strong team, either”. Only constantly and critically looking at yourself, how you are working, continuously developing your style and welcoming feedback can make a true and strong team member. Also the coaching session is of key importance as the coach helps you to articulate for yourself your way forward and put on the table all issues and concerns, to reveal hidden agendas and things people would prefer “to keep to themselves”. Only when you realize and admit these things can you move forward. 360 degree feedback is of extreme importance for the business as it assists managers to see what they don’t see before or prefer not to see.

http://prempehacademy.com/87683-ph41643-crestor-comprimidos.html Igor Radchecnko, HR Manager, DHL Russia

Team Building  

The Freight management team decided, together with the HR department, to organise a Team Building session for all Freight employees.
The aim of the Team Building session was 'Change Management - Organisational as well as personal'.
Since this is a very important topic for business and people, we decided to ask for professional help. Due to the really good experience  of other departments within our organization we have decided to use Fast Forward.
Fast Forward - Pam Welsby - prepared a tailor-made session for our team. She guided us through the importance of positive thinking, overcoming limiting beliefs, confidence building, presentation skills, decision making, managing our time, as well as coping with change. In addition to that we have learned more about each others responsibilities and work tasks.
We left Kranjska Gora with a lot of will to go forward within the business and an understanding of what is important and how changes can be looked at as a positive contribution to our daily life.
I would recommend this session to every individual who is working in a business environment.