Influencing Development Programme    

MOL Group rapidly transforms itself. Its HR unit also changes to help the organisation achieve its strategic objectives for performance and growth. HR managers shaped a transformational roadmap with pressure on building stronger HR partnering capability to be able to drive alignment with the business, improve organizational and HR performance and establish a culture focused on adding business value. MOL Group HR co-operated with FFWD to design a foundational course that starts transforming the individuals themselves by gaining better understanding on their own behaviour and how it impacts others. The full HR core team working at the head office, 30 people, went through this modular foundational course in more turns. Attendees very much praised trainer Selena Kukić for her skills. The course resulted in raising the core team’s members self-awareness that led to better communication and co-operation outcomes. People still have the quick communication guide suited to their profile on their desks, so they can access some quick guide whenever needed.

purchase Gabapentin Zsolt Buláth, Competency Development & Strategic HR Expert, MOL Group