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The basis for a successful company is a strong and aligned management that works well together. In fast paced and focused every day work it might happen that the relationships and communication are not optimal any more, which influences the results, products, sales...etc.

When we take a day with a skilled facilitator, the majority of big, small and subtle issues, problems and questions arise and are communicated, solved or at least planned to be managed in the most appropriate, non-aggressive and non-offensive way.

Through open communication of perception of strengths and overdone strengths managers understood others' behaviours better and found a solution for smoother cooperation in the future.
Many improvements were seen immediately, some that were smaller and not critical, were noticed to diminish in a while.
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Iza Login, Deputy CEO, Outfit7 Limited

Working with SDI

SDI has been a part of our company from the very beginning, as it helps us to understand each other better through one another’s personal drivers and consequential behaviours.
In our company the content of the SDI workshops is highly connected to internal communication. The workshops aid in understanding different MVS and conflict sequences. In the practical part, where each ‘color’ prepares a manual and learns how to communicate with others, determining what to do and what not to do. It also focuses in part on communication itself; the standard communication module and the differences between verbal, body and intonation in communication, and how to write emails according to each color thus encouraging effectiveness and optimisation.
We’ve also implemented different ways in which the SDI charts and small guide books are available to everyone who completes the workshop. For instance, at the entrance of each office we have the SDI triangle for every department present in that office. When you enter the room and go into a meeting, you can first check the SDI results of the people you have a meeting with. The communication and understanding is much greater, because it is easier for people to identify why a particular person is behaving the way he/she is.
The displayed results also give you the knowledge to borrow behaviors that you are not so comfortable using. So the SDI offers both better communication with your colleagues and a road to personal growth.
SDI has benefitted our company and its employees greatly; allowing us to implement a tool to better understand one another, improve communication and learn an effective and easy way to improve our personal and professional relationships in the workplace.
Vanja Flis, HR Director at Outfit7 (Slovenian Subsidiary Ekipa2 d.o.o.)