Train-The-Trainer Stonebow

I chose the People1st programme because I wanted to upgrade my knowledge as a trainer and improve the group dynamics management. The content of the programme was interesting for me because it focused on improving the experience for training attendees, e.g. how to make sure the participants have really learned and adopted the content, techniques of listening and asking questions, tools to make sure your workshops are appealing. For me, the following are the main key benefits of the programme (although the entire training was filled with new information): 1. Better lecture structuring, especially clarity in models. 2. Asking question – the 3P technique. 3. Following the SATIR techniques. 4. The importance of focusing on the participants.

The entire training was very useful. It provided plenty of new and useful information on lecture structure, techniques used for improving the inclusion of participants, exercises for attendees etc. Trainer Amanda Riddle is an extraordinary person who offers to every participant exactly what they need most. Through practical examples and by monitoring their work, she gives advice to learners on how to upgrade their knowledge in order to be more efficient and focused on training the participants. Also, the group worked as a team where every individual shared their experience during the training, which further improved satisfaction in the group members.

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