Brain Friendly Learning for Trainers 

I have been working as an educational trainer for decades. Of course, I don't only 'preach' about the need to educate ourselves all our lives - I am also learning myself.

The Brain Friendly Learning workshop has again reminded me of certain basics and has, at the same time, upgraded my knowledge of the education process. One of the things that seemed very good and useful to me are 'the intelligences'. Not only do we have to pay attention to space and movement, we also have to consider 8 different intelligences. The challenge for me was also the 'senses', especially that of smell - fragrance sticks are too aggressive, candles too weak and I am not very fond of fresheners. Therefore, my solution to this sense was a basket of lemons, which is very decorative and scents the room at the same time. In order to enhance the education process, we can also cut and squeeze lemons. This means I can use them as a teaching tool as well (depending on the contents, of course).

The workshop has refreshed and deepened my knowledge, broadened my horizons and helped me gain new experience and useful ideas for work, and finally, it has brought me to socialize with people who care about themselves and others.

where do i buy nolvadex Vilma Planinc, Educational trainer and coach, Amway Europe

Teambuilding - Internal Communication 

In our organisation, we put a lot of emphasis on training and having a good working environment. We believe that only competent, well trained and happy employees are prepared for changes that occur regularly today. We wish to offer focused trainings to our employees, therefore we expect training providers to adapt their work to our demands.
Fast Forward International has provided an intensive 2 day Internal Communication course for our employees. The Teambuilding Workshop was a great opportunity to focus on ourselves as a team and on what we still need to contribute to our own and company’s growth. Fast Forward structured the Workshop in accordance to our business and personal needs which increased the flow of communication in the office and helped us to build a team spirit, where people work positively and constructively with others.

Everyone was very happy about the quality of the training and the grades given in the feedback were also very high. Participants have commended the professionalism and motivation of the trainers, their knowledge, and flexibility in meeting our special demands and adapting to our working environment. We are further developing a positive and supportive working environment where people work together to achieve common goals. 

accutane where can i buy it Jani Resnik, Managing Director, Amway Slovenia & Croatia