Organisation Change  

The Need: Newly formed Central Europe cluster aggregating 6 countries and embarking on an experimental cross-country business model with recently appointed leaders needed to be successful. The initial communication cascade of strategic priorities and stretched targets were poor, alignment suboptimal, resistance to change visible, engagement limited and team spirit embryonic.
The Content: A 3-step-approach + individual coaching for Senior Leaders.  

a) Ensuring understanding of core priorities and communication training for all leaders. 
b) Ensuring understanding of people differences, cultures, motives, behaviours through SDI model and roll-out across the organisation. 
c) Change Management training and dissemination of new company values expected to impact behavioural changes.

The Changes: Increased cross-functional / cross-country effectiveness. Simplified communication. Increased level of feedback and ability to receive challenges. Full alignment on company strategic priority, strong restitution and understanding of why it was chosen.

Home Page The Benefits: Increased Team engagement and pride. Meet the stretched business target the 1st year. Target exceeded the second year. some Emerging Talent recognised and promoted outside their own country. European Company Award for accelerating one of the strategic products.

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Herve Dussart, Country President Central Europe, AstraZeneca  

Coaching Process   

I wish to express my gratitude for leading me through the coaching process in the last 9 months. This has been a great pleasure and a significant learning for me.

Some of the key successes from the programme include:

  • It was thanks to the discussions that we have had that encouraged me to apply for the new position and eventually I got a new assignment for managing Pharmacy Chains KAMs.
  • What in particular I liked about the SDI profiling tool was the toolbox of behaviours that can be adopted for use with different personalities depending on their profile.
  • Increasing my self-confidence within Senior Management Team leading to taking initiative/responsibility for important project building on my strengths (strategic analysis).

Krzysztof Kornas, Market Access Director, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland Sp. Z.o.o.

Presentation Skills    

AstraZeneca Slovakia, having operated as an independent market became part of the Central European cluster of 5 countries along with Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. It was quite a change for our people to work in such a different environment where we faced new challenges including more exposure to leaders above market and communication and presentations in English. We realised that if we want be successful we have to do something to be accepted as people who know the business and who are professional in what we are doing.
The Fast Forward Presentation skills workshop was really valuable for the people. During the session they realised what is important and what is not important in preparing a high quality and interesting presentation. The most important thing was to understand that not the quantity of slides but quality is king as well as how to keep awareness and interest during the presentation. As a guide they learned to reduce the number of slides they had always worked with before to just 1 slide per 5 minutes, which gave an overall picture about the length of presentation regarding slides. This enabled more focus on the audience and the core message of the presentation.
We planned the presentation skills workshop to take place before the 1st face-to-face meeting with our new area director and this meeting was very important for the whole team and our business. We therefore had a chance to transform the skills gained from presentation training into real life. The meeting was excellent and everyone did a really great job – not too many slides, but important and relevant messages in the presentations and it created good business discussions. I was very satisfied that the first impression about Slovakia and my team was very positive, and this was honestly thanks to the great training beforehand.
I can see that my people are now much more confident and have no problem in being a partner in discussion with leaders above market. Internally people are more confident to have presentations in front of people from other countries and I know this will be good for them in their development and career path not only in Slovakia but within the company internationally.

Jan Miklos, Country Director, AstraZeneca Slovakia