'Influential Communication' workshop, Implico 2015 project    

Nataša and Katja are a great couple of speakers. They cooperated in an excellent way, each one introduced her point of view and practical experience concerning influential communication, and everything was spiced up with humour. Both of them also excelled in useful ideas and improvement suggestions during the preparations for joint 'Elevator pitch'. And a special added value lies in the prepared workbook that will help all participants to prepare their communication strategy regardless of what project they work on.
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MEKS Mentoring 2014 Project  

One of MEKS' main guidelines is connecting experienced HR practices with new ideas that young and aspiring HR managers still believe in. This is also the purpose of the programme called MEKS Mentoring, which was proven during the MEKS Mentoring 2.0 event that took place on 27th November 2014. The numerous participants included many young and inexperienced as well as well experienced HR professionals who are active in the area of HR in Slovenia.
The trainers from Fast Forward unselfishly helped us plan and professionally execute the organisation of the event. The participants acquired new knowledge on the Relationship Awareness Theory® and, by using the effective technique of coordinated panel discussions, one of the main goals of the meeting was reached, i.e. networking and sharing good practices. The trainers from Fast Forward managed to join together new ideas, good practices and mutual networking in a very short time, which made our event unforgettable for everyone. Their professionalism and openness convinced us to tie the next year's programme even closer to the common goals, which are the exchange of good HR practices and creation of new ideas on how to work as HR professionals as responsibly and actively as possible, and how to contribute towards the development of the HR industry in Slovenia. 

Nuša Bejek, Manager of the MEKS Mentoring 2014 Project (MEKS Mentorstvo 2014)