Brain Friendly Learning for Trainers   

I chose the Brain Friendly Learning for Trainers programme due to personal interests. I was mainly interested in different possibilities of presenting different products, especially from the professional view, in order to memorise information permanently and in a simple way.

I think the most useful advantages I acquired in the programme are:
  • new ideas,
  • new knowledge and competencies,
  • self-confidence when doing something completely new,
  • new contacts.

The workshop was intense, very useful and practical and it helped me discover new skills within me. The entire programme was very open as it contained collaboration among participants, with many practical and useful things learnt. I learnt about many ideas and hints on how to introduce certain products and services differently, not only with the use of Power Point. I have been working with Fast Forward for many years now, and have attended many of their programmes. 

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High Impact Coaching

High Impact Coaching through Role Expectations was a very intense exercise; well, discussion actually, which helped me to see/understand my co-workers from a different aspect and to understand their motivation and learn about the communication I should use with them. It also gave me the possibility to be honest to myself, see my ability to accept others as they are, as well as to discover my own frustrations on which I should still work.
It was a great learning experience, I just hope I'll be able to implement what I have learnt into a daily practice, my life.
Seroquel uk Darja Mirt, Novartis Animal Health Slovenia