Customer Services

Si.mobils journey with Fast Forward was a great, unique and efficient experience on our road towards the goal of being the best in Customer Excellence. The knowledge learnt from the Fast Forward modules made our trip easier, made the process come alive and ultimately was successful. Processes are directed, people motivated, goals set, win-win situations reached. Results? Growing!
Results from the programme:
  • Different approach with others, as per their individual style.
  • Atmosphere in the whole team: more time together.
  • Not complaining about what to do.
  • Not hiding problems - more proactive.
  • Using techniques in understanding the customers.
  • Listening - to know more.
  • Not taking things personally.
  • They are using knowledge of customer types - talking about them.
  • Talking about communication styles, asking more questions.
  • Taking more ownership for problems.
  • More focused on customer not procedure - more friendly.
  • Overall feeling more positive.
  • We are more like a team.
  • Aligning customer issues with our procedures.
  • Stand up for Si.mobils interests - change procedures to better serve the customer.
  • Number (%) of written complaints reduced.
  • Disconnections are now for personal reasons - not because dissatisfied.
  • More easily take and solve their colleagues problems.
  • Dealing with own problems more - not scared if see something is their own problem.
  • Approaching people more often, moving around more.
  • Problems are also a challenge and all can be solved if want to.
  • If I talk a lot to people they feel good.
  • Looking more to the future - not fire fighting.
  • Communication with other departments improved, more proactive about getting information needed.
  • Others are noticing we are more as a team.
official website Barbara Gorše, Customer Services Director, Si.mobil, Slovenia

Management Skills

We've prepared the programme Management Skills in Si.mobil for all levels of management, from administration to leaders of groups. It contained several modules that were related to our internal business strategy, vision and goals. With regard to the workshop the integration of leaders and style of making content was even more interactive.

In order to identify the causes of behavior, methods of communication, their own values and values of colleagues, we were also introduced with the tool SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory. Leaders like to use it for their colleagues within the team buildings. It turned out that the exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and incentives was extremely welcome, precisely because of the involvement of all management levels into a single group. Improvements were also visible in the area of easier and therefore faster intersectoral communication. The level of satisfaction of employees and superiors has raised. The advantage of the full set of management skills, performed by one provider, was visible in the knowledge of our culture, mentality and our reality.

Among workshops were mirror settings placed by the provider, company Fast Forward to us very useful. Management skills are according to the challenges of leaders always raising and so the implementation of what it was heard on the modules is put to the test practically every day. Darja Hvala, HR and Training Specialist, Si.mobil d.d., Slovenia


We are all motivated by different things in a business environment. Yet, it is great to know how to recognize the origin of them, in other words, values and how to use this knowledge to increase employee motivation.

Darja Hvala, HR and Training Specialist, Si.mobil d.d., Slovenia

Managing Conflict

Conflict can be perceived as trouble, it is great now to have a concrete tool (SDI®) to help us to prevent conflicts and to see them as challenges.

Darja Hvala, HR and Training Specialist, Si.mobil d.d., Slovenia