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Continuous improvement is recognised as a necessity in business life today. We need to be continuously improving our processes, our customer service, our sales tactics our leadership approaches, our business plans. All of which we do to give us an edge on our competitors, to increase our revenue, give the best service, increase our productivity and even keep us in business, as a successfully sustainable business.

And so innovation has crept into our daily way of working. The need to be creative, to actively seek out these areas where improvements can be made for the benefit of the customer and the business.

Although it maybe useful to learn some skills and process to enhance creativity and process improvement many ways to innovate requite nothing more than an awareness of what you're doing with a creative mind set that seeks out opportunities to improve.

Our approach to Innovation includes:

  • Making a plan for innovation
  • Selecting, establishing and training a key group of Innovation Pioneers who will 'lead' the innovation movement and oversea key innovation activities, ask as sponsors and key communicators of innovation within the organisation
  • Facilitated workshops for your leaders or teams to explore their understanding of innovation, review what works well, what doesn't and work in groups to develop and shape improvement ideas for implementation over the next few weeks or months
  • Selection and training of local Innovation ambassadors to work on local level on innovation activities with the local team and liaise with the innovation Pioneers
  • Workshops as needed on Problem Solving and Creativity
  • What has to happen to incorporate Innovation into your culture so it becomes a normal way of working

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