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The essence of Performance Management is about establishing a shared workforce understanding about what is to achieved at an organisational level and then aligning each individual's objectives, agreed measures, skills, competencies, development and delivery of results with these organisation objectives.
Although there is an element of assessment the primary focus is on improvement, learning and development in order to achieve the overall business strategy and to create high performing teams and individuals.
Performance management is about much more than an annual and bi-annual performance review, but more about what leaders do everyday to manage and improve performance, although this approach must 'fit' with the annual review.

We will help you to review how effective your total approach to Perfromance Management is, it's strengths and weaknesses and then design and implement a plan that will support you in raising the overall level of performance throughout the organisation.

Solutions often include:

  • Development of leaders in how to improve performance and get the best from people every day
  • Developing individuals and teams to be more accountable and increase their sense of responsibility, proactivity and innovation
  • Increasing ways of giving regular constructive feedback at all levels and in all directions
  • Introduction of regular 360 degree feedback using both competency based and relationship based tools, as a way for everyone to make continuous improvements
  • Communication and training to ensure the annual performance system is used as a way to enhance performance still further while also motivating and engaging people further
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