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Ensuring our organisation culture is up to date, giving our customers excellent service, engaging our emplyees, bringing our Vision, Mission and values to life is something we must regularly review to ensure we are in the best place to achieve our organisational goals.

Orgainsation culture is something that may have started out as a clear picture of what kind of organisation we want to be, in order to be the best in class in our industry, but in practice culture is 'created' every day by what becomes the normal way things are done; our behaviours, the way we speak to our colleagues and customers, how we make decisions, how we respond to new ideas or feedback and how we communicate in general.

Every few years it's a good idea to review how our culture has developed, how it is perceived by our people and if its the kind of culture we want or is needed to accomplish our organisation goals.

Our approach to Culture Change can includes:

  • Assessing your current culture as perceived by your employees
  • Identifying the culture your people think is needed
  • Identifying the personal values of your people to see how this fits with the current or preferred culture
  • Working with Senior Management to process this data, align with the business strategy and create the needed plan for change
  • Introducing regular creative ways to communicate top down and bottom up about change and the progress being made
  • Selecting and developing 'Change Ambassadors' who work closely with their local teams to support them in understanding, exploring and creating together, the desired culture
  • Developing leaders in how to implement any needed changes in way of daily working
  • Ensuring the changes become integrated into the day-to-day life
  • Reassessing the culture to assess how successful the change has been
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