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find out here now Each of the following workshops builds on the initial learning from the Power of SDI and takes your Strengths Based Culture to the next level in the direction that’s important to you.

Choose your priorities or take your people through the whole journey.

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Personal Power

A personally empowering programme that enables each person to take full responsibility for our behaviours by manage our strengths, learning what works, being our best self and achieving results quickly and easily


Team Power

A deeper team experience sharing feedback, clarifying expectations of each other in an open, honest and fun environment. Learning how to utilise our diverse strengths for the benefit of the team in pursuit of a sustainable high performing team.


The Secret Power

Recognising different types of people quickly and easily adapting your communication style for application with everyone you interact with in any context; face-to face, email, Skype, phone, tele or video conferences or any communication app. This is the basis for applying and using SDI in any context to bring greater results, especially when working with a wider range of people, external, international, changing project teams, customers or suppliers.


The Power of Conflict

What causes it, how to recognise it, how to solve it quickly, how to prevent it for ourselves and others. Reducing conflict saves time and money, reduces stress and creates stronger teams.

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