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Did you know that in 5 years one in every four employee in Slovenia will be older than 55?


Combined with Slovenia's shrinking talent pool, this calls for strategic age management that efficiently activates and engages talents of all ages and increases productivity of the organisation.

Think about how much soft skills training your older employees got last year? Did you identify which skills would best equip them to be more engaged, motivated and productive?

Keeping their skills up to date and on a high level will increase their value and knowledge for the long term. Their experience makes them valuable not only in their area of expertise but in knowledge sharing and mentoring others.

We offer you learning solutions to most sought after skills development workshops for older employees that will help them better manage themselves at work today and be prepared for changes in the future:

Also your managers would benefit greatly from skills that would help them to Motivate & Engage all ages of employees better and more efficiently manage diverse team.

We also created a new and innovative 2 day learning programme that will specifically focus on your older employees to develop self-awareness and assume responsibility for personal development. In this 2-day programme your employees will learn to create a more fulfilling workplace for themselves and increase their satisfaction and motivation at work. They will develop skills to manage their behaviour more efficiently to feel good, have better relations and be more efficient at what they do while regaining control over difficult situations.



Also, it is now the perfect time to start thinking about developing skills of your older employees.

Did you receive public funding (project ASI) for development of skills of your older employees?

  • How will you invest them?
  • What learning goals did you set in developing soft skills of your older employees?
  • Did you identify which skills would best equip them to be more engaged, motivated and productive? 


If ou don't yet have all the answers or you are looking for something new to meet your need, don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Book 1 hour of free consultation. We will discuss your challenges and learning goals and together find the right learning solutions for your older employees.