Be Successful & Happy at Work Where: Fast Forward Learning Center, Slovenia  

Category: Open Courses


Modular personal development workshop designed to take you on a step by step approach toward taking full ownership for your career development and achieving satisfaction at work.

Do you want to: 

  • Take full ownership for your career development & satisfaction at work?
  • Ensure your work is meaningful & fulfilling for you?
  • Discover the kind of workplace & way of working that suits you best?
  • Take control of the choices you make for best results?
  • Grow & develop yourself to be able to always give your best?
  • Manage yourself so that whatever happens around you, you can handle it all easily?

If you answered YES to any of these questions we invite you to attend this development and accelerate your personal growth.

Programme includes 4 interconnected half day (4h) modular workshops:: 

  • The best workplace for you
  • Better choices for better results
  • Be your best
  • Handle anything, easily!

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Testimonials from programme participants:

"The information on the 'Be Successful and Happy at Work' programme came just at the right time. The feeling lately of experiencing more conflicts at work than usual led me to constantly question why and what is the reason for this. My decision to attend this programme turned out quickly to be the right one.  For me the biggest added value of learning I gained on these four modules, is greater ability to reflect on relationships and my role in them. The knowledge I gained brings answers to my questions of what motivates my decisions, my 'working style', where are my strong points, how can these get negative connotations or even lead to conflict and how to avoid conflict before it really evolves.

The content of the programme also encourages understanding of others and leads us to consider how a change in our own behaviour can lead to improving relationships with significant others."

dr. Tjaša Žakelj, Zavod RS za zaposlovanje


»The modular programme 'Be Successful & Happy at Work' really inspired and positively surprised me. I would for sure recommend it to anyone working with people. During the programme I learned in detail why do conflicts happen, why do we connect and cooperate more easily with some rather than others and above all how to successfully manage our strengths and conflict situations to achieve better communication, understanding and better relations and business results. I believe managing soft skills is in every successful organisation's and company's interest.«

Damijana Glojek


"If you wish to understand the processes that dictate quality of interpersonal relations and to develop constructive internal dialogue, this workshop is for sure the right choice for you. The entire process of understanding and accepting diversity is supported by lots of examples, exercises, positive energy and individual approach in which each participant's story matters. I can say that gaining this knowledge allowed me to become more understanding and accepting. Pam, Urška thank you for your amazing contribution in empowering us and our interpersonal relations."

Velesa Mrak, Analitica d.o.o.


"The workshop was eye-opening, especially about the strengths others might consider difficult or the source of conflict (since they are perceiving and using these strengths differently). I am now much more aware that my actions can cause conflict for another person (especially if they are green or blue). However there are tools I can use to prevent this from happening or happen a lot less. I am already applying the learning and seeing the first results: better relations and feeling better. This workshop is for all who want to improve their relations at work, at home, with friends and are willing to work on themselves. After the workshop you will understand a lot better why we behave the way we do, where this comes from and how it affects our relations to people around us. A lot of 'AHA' moments and answers to 'why' concerning relationships." 

Urša Podobnik


"As a participant in this SDI programme, I was sceptical at first but the content of the first module has already inspired me. Learning about different types of motivational value systems in people and learning my own profile inspired me to start seeing people around me through their colours. I will try to use the understanding of the importance of values according to individual profiles to improve my communication and dealing with difficult situations. The SDI workshop is practical and I will use the learning gained both in professional and private life."

S.P. Heta Asset Resolution 


"In April and May 2018, I attended the 'Be Successful and Happy at Work' trial workshop, delivered by Urška Gerbajs. I can say I was very pleased both with the content and the trainer.
With the help of SDI, Urška helped us to better understand our behaviour in the workplace. The content was delivered in a relaxed way, making us feel at home. It was a pleasure learning in the amazing environment of 'Tavelka hiša' in Rašica.
If you want to enable your employees to get a different perspective on their job and relationships at work, this workshops will give them the right motivation."

Manuela Pergar, Heta Asset Resolution