Attend this interactive, fun and inspiring workshop and learn new and interesting things about who you are, but also how to better understand and manage relationships to you and how to make immediate and simple changes toward building even stronger relationships. more >
A high profile "Train-the-Trainer" program for using SDI tools. Designed to enable TRAINERS, CONSULTANTS, HR PROFESSIONALS, COACHES and THERAPISTS to use and apply the SDI questionnaires and other sets of tools in their people development programs. more >
Modular personal development workshop designed to take you on a step by step approach toward taking full ownership for your career development and achieving satisfaction at work. Programme consists of 4 interconnected modules. more >
We believe in the value of all kinds of diversity including age and therefore the importance of investing in the ongoing development of an aging workforce. The experience of your older employees makes them valuable not only in their area of expertise but in knowledge sharing and mentoring others. Keeping their skills up to date and on a high level will increase their value for the long term. more >
Open programme, designed for anyone who is interested in finding our their SDI profile to better develop their interpersonal skills, improve relations with others or reduce conflict. Programme includes completion of online standard SDI questionnaire and 2 hours of personal interpretation of results with actions for improvement in your personal goals. more >